Develop a coffee subscription service that helps determine the coffee preferences of the customer. Most importantly, the experience must help educate the user about coffee.
Role: UI/UX + Visual Designer
Client: Student Work
Design Question
How might we design a coffee service that is functional and unique?

This moodboard is bright, happy, and colourful. It embodies the positive mood people may have when they start their day with coffee. 

Logo Variations

The Smiling Bean is a hypothetical coffee company that focuses on diverse coffee beans from around the world. Its name references the uplifting, positive mood coffee can put you in.
Concept Details
Themed Months: By basing the monthly coffee box on a specific country, this introduces the user to a variety of coffee beans within that country. It also gave me a better sense of where to take the art direction.

Element of Surprise: Users won’t be able to see what specific coffee they will receive in their coffee box but they will still get an idea through the ordering experience.

Snacks: The Smiling Bean offers snacks to add to the subscription order. These snacks are picked specifically to compliment coffee. 
Visual Identity

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