Photography by Gabrielle Lussier

“Every great design begins with an even better story."
—Lorinda Mamo, Designer
Rebecca Lai is a Chinese-Canadian UI/UX product designer and artist with roots in Fort McMurray and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design at the University of Alberta in the Spring of 2020.
In her design practice, she thrives in the intersection of strategy, usability, and visual design. What excites her the most about design is the superpower of helping others and channeling innovative design thinking by advocating for more inclusive digital spaces. Throughout her creative journey, she's gained experience in areas such as design research/strategy, user-interface/user-experience design, print design, branding, photography, and information design.
One of Rebecca’s earliest memory of being an artist was when she was a toddler, using her mom’s red lipstick and nail polishes to draw on the walls in her childhood home. Today in her fine arts practice, she often creates work as a reflection of the Asian diaspora. Within the subject of cultural identity, she dissects it into different experiences—nostalgia, appreciation of culture, and reflection on adversity.
Rebecca has received several scholarships throughout her creative and academic journey. This includes the Jason Lang Scholarship, Keyano Art & Design Scholarship, and the Kim Jenkins Student Art Scholarship.
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